The Lower Saxony-based ICT Center for Industry 4.0 at OFFIS in Oldenburg (Oldb) is the contact and advisor for small and medium-sized enterprises for all questions concerning information and communication technology. From consulting, through advanced training and research co-operation to individual prototype development, OFFIS offers a wide range of offerings to make the potential of digitalization available to your company.

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About Us

OFFIS is an international research and development institute founded in 1991 for selected IT technologies and practical IT research areas. OFFIS has made the technological transfer of knowledge from research into the economy its task. Therefore OFFIS implements research results and scientific know-how from the computer sciences in prototypes, which can then be further developed by co-operation partners to marketable products.

In an average of 70 ongoing research and development projects, OFFIS employs around 250 people and delivers research and prototypical development work on the highest international level in the areas of energy, health and transportation. OFFIS cooperates with around 600 partners from the worlds of business and science.

IKIMUNI Intentions

In IKIMUNI, OFFIS develops technologies that enable providers to market products and imparts technology expertise to users. OFFIS focuses on four key themes that companies consider particularly relevant in connection with I4.0:

Digitization of production
How do sensors, actuators and networking increase productivity or open up new business models?
Big Data
How do automatic data analyzes improve the flexibility or customer-supplier relationships?
Humans and Machines
How can operational processes be made more efficient?
Standards for Cooperation
How are business and private customers effectively integrated into value creation?

In order to provide these competencies to users, OFFIS is currently building a test and integration platform for industry 4.0. This consists, among other things, of a flexible sample production area with modern production technologies, sensor technologies and communication technologies, as well as a simulation environment for the virtual modeling and planning of complex production and logistics processes.

The goal is a simulation-based service concept, with which innovative companies can answer a wide range of questions regarding their company’s production and assembly systems during the transition to industry 4.0.

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